What is 'too' slutty?

has this ever been a problem for anyone else? or is it just me?
Since high school and now since I am about to graduate from uni, I have been walking a fine line. Let's just say I did not have a great sense of taste nor did I know the difference between looking good and looking slutty.

I still technically don't.

Whats the fine line between fashionable/cute/sexy and being just pure slutty.

Recently, I noticed a lot of amazing designers choosing to use cut out, not of places where people generally thought were 'sluttly'. Like a cut out of your back fat or your hips. I don't think that's particularly bad but at the same time, the minute a dress has a cut out, you no longer can wear that to work. so I arranged a 'scale of holes'.

where's your line before you feel like theres one too many holes?

I recently bought a dress which I thought was a 6 or 7 on this scale. but I was finding it on the website and it wasn't even considered a cut out dress.

 I may just be a prude lol but honestly I don't know what would be an appropriate day to wear this out. You know what, whatever, movie night with my girls and I am going to wear it.

but honestly, what do you guys think?

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