Aug 22 - my and my fat dream

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity

this is me.

(yes i did wear my dress!! i love how it turned out!)

this is what i think ill be in 10 years:

no joke, i am terrified of becoming overweight. 
half is because ive been lucky, i eat like a crazy person and 
still not fat.
but one day my digestive system will catch up to me. 
thats the day i will cry and i fear it.

I actually had nightmares about this before.

and i tell my friends my fear.
they joke about how i get fat all the time.
and every time they see me, they ask if i gained 4 pounds.

and once i tried to go on a diet.
didn't work. didn't lose the 4 kilos.
so now they always joke that i am 4 kilos overweight.

whats your insecurities?

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